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Professional Photographer's AI Google Gemini Interview...

Photographer Katie O'Brien sit down for an AI interview

Dipping my toes into blogging, I've heard that Google Gemini (formerly Bard Chat) can interview you. Perfect, lets see what the robot wants to know!

I asked, "Interview me for my first blog post. I am an experienced, award winning corporate event and headshot photographer that also takes photos of bands and artists." This is how it went, an AI Google Gemini interview with a professional photographer.

Gemini AI ChatBot: Welcome to your first blog post! I'm excited to learn about your journey as a photographer who navigates the diverse worlds of corporate events, headshots, and band/artist photography. To kick things off, tell us a bit about your background and what drew you to photography.

KOB: Thanks Chatbot, kind of a big question to start off. Haha My photography background is diverse, but maybe typical. I started with families of those with special needs, then transitioned into all families and non-profit events and galas. Tried my hand at pin-up (which I still love but never do), boudoir and doudoir and landed on newborns before the pandemic. I fumbled around before finding my niche but gained so much experience and versatility.

Gemini AI ChatBot: What sets you apart from other event and headshot photographers? Do you have a signature style or approach?

KOB: Experience is so key. I have a marketing degree and years of experience in marketing prior to becoming a photographer. The world that they live in, I've lived in. I won't say I know exactly what they are looking for but I'm familiar with their needs. What is the client's experience from our first contact through to the shoot and rebooking next time? There are so many great photographers and I love that. I don't need to be the best. I don't need to be anything but the easiest to work with. If I had to define my signature style, it would be thoughtful captures. Thinking of the clients needs and their guests, then delivering that and maybe somethings they didn't even think to consider.

Gemini AI ChatBot: What are some of the biggest challenges you face in capturing corporate events? How do you ensure you capture the essence and energy of the occasion?

KOB: Interesting question. I feel like I have it pretty well locked down. Oh! lugging around the equipment, especially if parking is hard to come by. But honestly, I live by the motto of 'Focus on the Positives'. Loving what I do and constantly learning, experimenting and growing have kept me focused on all the positives. The best way to capture the energy/essence of an event is a zoom lens. Move around a lot, don't be shy, don't impose and zoom in on the guests that are connecting with the experience.

Gemini AI ChatBot: What advice would you give to aspiring photographers who want to explore different genres?

KOB: Do it!! How do you know what you are passionate about until you've tried it? Many photographers will tell you to stick with one niche but life's too short and at the beginning the diversity helps you gain experience and you'll be a more able photographer for it. When you've found what you love though, its time to cut back and say no to those things that you've tried and didn't like as much (either bc you weren't as good at it or its not profitable enough etc). I've shown up to commercial gigs to photograph holiday content (with a shot list) and ended up shooting food, drinks, headshots. NONE of that was on the list previously but I made it work based on previous experiences and was able to adapt (and bill) accordingly. Clients really appreciate that. They don't always realize that a newborn photographer is different than an event photographer or that the equipment needed to light and capture a room is different than that needed to capture food.

Gemini AI ChatBot: Finally, what's one piece of advice you'd give to anyone wanting to capture their own special moments or events with photography?

KOB: Capturing your own moments and events can be difficult, after all, its a full-time job. But I do have some tips to make it easier! Ask a friend or guest to capture a specific thing, for example, "Hey, can you take a pic or two of the baby opening each of her gifts? And, see that big package, its from us, can you grab a short video of the baby opening it?" Then, be appreciative, send a thank you card or give a special thanks on social media. If you have multiple special moments to capture at your event, consider spreading out the favor asking each person to cover a different part so they still feel like a guest.

Hope this was an interesting read. Feel free to contact me with any follow-up questions.

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