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Success and Opportunity

It can be overwhelming to navigate the creative business world alone and everyone is trying to sell you something. The next thing that they promise will make you successful...a new piece of equipment, someone to build your website, the CRM system to name a few. And then, here comes social media to lead you down the rabbit hole.  

But here's the thing...

Do you really want to do it alone? I didn't. Things move faster and more efficiently with coaching and feedback. A good coach can help you define and reach your version of success offering guidance and expertise that can ultimately save you both money and time. With my creative business coaching services, you can utilize my marketing background and experience to set yourself apart and achieve your goals.

The Full Story

It seems like a lifetime ago that I was working 50+ hours a week for an marcom/ad agency picking up terrible work habits and burning myself out. These are the same frantic, inefficient habits I fell back into when I took photography to full time. Because, man, when you're working for yourself and you fail, there's only one person to blame. So I never said no, thought I had it all figured out and was taking my laptop to bed with me. The worst part, I was barely making what I was 10 years before at that crazy  marketing job. When you think you're doing everything you can and still falling short something has to change. And change can be so absolutely hard, especially if you're trying to self-initiate and do it all by yourself. If any of this sounds familiar its because its human nature. Studies prove that change is easier with support. 
Today, I've learned to trust others, ask for help, lean on my peers and invest in myself. Not saying I don't fall back into bad habits, but I'm working on it with the people I've trusted to help me on my journey. It is hard work but I can't believe how quickly I've seen the return. Now that I'm on the path I just want to shout "This Way! It's easier! It's better! Get your life back!"



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"It's not just about the images she captures; it's about the connections and shared experiences that she preserves for all those involved."
- Amy H., IT Solutions and Consulting, client since 2022 

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